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We ship by DHL (up to €500 value of goods) and by INTEX (value of goods over €500).

If the value of the ordered goods is less than 350€, 6.90€ shipping costs will be charged.
Shipping costs for shippments into other European Countries are 16€, if the value of the goods is less than 1000€.

We ship to following countries:     Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Cyprus, Austria. 

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•  a beautiful watch
•  a special piece of Jewellery

•  Art, paintings, graphics
•  or other collectibles

We have already made many wishes come true.
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What does luxgebra do?

We acquire

our items mainly through auction houses in
Baden-Württemberg. (Germany)

We also buy used mechanical wristwatches from private sellers, provided that they are first given to us for a thorough examination.
Our main focus is on the purchase and sale of high-quality wristwatches in the lower to middle price segment (approx. 90 %).
All offers to us (used wristwatches from a new price of 2.000,- €) must be requested in advance via our contact form. 
Please do not make any offers over the phone and do not send any unsolicited goods to us. The acceptance of unsolicited goods will be refused.

We check

all watches for originality and functionality. 
To ensure this, they are submitted to a watchmaker for inspection if we deem it necessary.
In many cases, the watches have already been submitted to the the watchmaker of the auction houses themselves for service.
Watch straps, unless defective or very dirty (leather straps) will not be replaced to maintain the originality of the watch.

We present

all items in considerable effort produced images to show the goods as realistically as possible.
Since the goods often cannot be inspected by the customer before the online purchase, the picture as well as the description is the most important decision factor.
Who would like to view an item and possibly buy it immediately, must register this via our contact form, with name, e-mail, phone and address data. The same applies if someone wants to offer us something to buy.
Together we will then arrange an appointment. If there are any questions about further details, they can be asked via our contact form

We offer

higher-quality watches and other articles, usually second-hand, in the price segment between approx. 1.000,- and 10.000,- €.
But also with a budget of less than 1.000,- € you can find what you are looking for.
With our second-hand goods, we appeal to customers who do not necessarily claim the status "NEW" and prefer to have a price advantage.
Used brand-name watches have enjoyed growing popularity for some years now, which is why the price level but also the value of such items have increased accordingly.

A good watch today
is the gold bar of tomorrow

Take the opportunity to invest in a good watch, a beautiful piece of jewellery, a work of art or a sought-after collector's item.
Take a look at our "Sold Out" category and see with which items we have already been able to please our clientele.